June 12, 2013

Pretty Peonies

I did a little weeding today with the emphasis on little.  My arthritis is bad so the weeds have swallowed my garden.  That's why you're getting some close-ups of my garden today.

I have so many white peonies in the garden that I can easily cut armloads of them for the house.

I took a few minutes and tied them up tonight as we are expecting a couple of days of rain.

Peonies aren't the only plant blooming in the garden these days.

All my planters are blooming too.  I'm happiest about the hibiscus one.

But my white chair planter comes a close second.  It might come first when it grows big and overflows the edges.



  1. You won't get any complaints from me about weeds in your gardens. With bursitis in my knee, I'm weeding at a snail's pace and the weeds are growing like, well weeds! Does anything smell as wonderful as peonies in the house?

  2. Those peonies are just gorgeous. All of your plants look like they are doing very well. Beautiful garden.


  3. love the white flowers in the white chair - think that will be my chair colour next year


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