October 03, 2013

China Cabinet

The dining room isn't ready for its' big reveal yet so I thought I'd take a picture of the china cabinet tonight to share with you.

As you can see, my new camera and I have not become besties yet.

I had quite the day.  I started out sitting in the sun room with my morning coffee.  It was sunny and bright and the sky was so blue, but the cats were very jumpy outside and the crows were making a raucous noise.
I went out to chase them and saw something odd at the end of the yard.  (This is why I'm showing you lovely pictures of the china cabinet!)  There in the corner was a very large and very headless rabbit.  (No, not Hallowe'en yet).  As I started to clean it up, I realized the head was under the body.  It was a bit of a CSI moment.  Luckily I don't have a week stomach.  The consensus on Facebook is that it was a fox.  Finnie has planted himself at the window since dinner.  I think he's on a stakeout.

New topic:  Mom and I have similar taste.  The china on the left is Mom's Forget Me Not pattern and on the right, my Memory Lane.  After the morning's gruesomeness, the rest of the day went swimmingly.  I sold the table and chairs from the sun room on my virtual "yard sale".  I'm going to hold a real one on October 19th.  My first yard sale in over 13 years.

Then I had lunch with the girls downtown - wings, fries and a draught beer.  It was lovely but I really need to start eating properly.  A little shopping and a new Country Living book -"Handmade Style".

Don't you love my wineglasses?  I got this set of 8 beautiful engraved glasses from the Salvation Army for $5!!!  I love bargains.  

Well tonight I need to get some paperwork together and sent off to work.  I'm tired of paperwork and e-mails and phone calls.  At least, the increase in my meds seems to be working.  Today was easier.

 I'm planning a little road trip tomorrow with my friends, Linda and Cindi to Port Hope and Cobourg.  I'll take my camera and share some pics with you later.  xo Jules

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