October 02, 2013


My house is in chaos, as is my mind right now.  I'm struggling with a long stretch of depression as I do every autumn.  It seems odd to me as this is my favourite season of all.  Crisp sunny days and cool still nights basking in the glow of red and orange and amber leaves.

I'm working on severing ties with my employer which will still some of the chaos.  I'm trying to find the energy to complete those decorating projects around the house....cutting the legs of the new (old) buffet in the kitchen before I paint it....hanging drapes in the dining room...painting bookcases in the dining room...buying an electric fireplace for the dining room?...installing the chandelier...making a roman blind.........painting tables in the living room....painting and reupholstering three chairs and a footstool.  Wow, okay I don't need to list any more on the "to do" list or I may never surface.

In another week is Thanksgiving here in Canada...my favourite holiday of the year!  I certainly have something to look forward to and work towards. I hope you are all doing well. xo Jules


  1. Julie, I feel very similar this week. Here's to hoping things look up for you. :-)

  2. Julie - hope you get to feeling better so you can enjoy this beautiful season. Have the leaves turned up there? I didn't know your Thanksgiving was this early. Sounds like you have quite a "to do" list. Wish I was nearer to help you with some of it. I surely would!


  3. Hey Julie - just wanted to let you know that when I'm feeling down I make sure I have music going in my house all the time. It makes me smile, and feel better. It also makes dance just a little. Just thought I would pass this along. Take care.

  4. It seems to be the time of year for depression. Every year the sound of the geese flying south is my trigger. I, like you, love the fall so I don't know why this happens. I often think it's a holdover from childhood and saying goodbye to summer friends and heading back to school, or perhaps it's as simple as losing the daylight sooner. I don't know that we'll ever figure it out, but hang in there old friend. We miss you. Trevor


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