September 28, 2013

Frugal Friday #6 - Homemade Gifts

I know this isn't a new idea.  There are so many blogs and pins out there that show very inspiring DIY gifts. My homemade gifts come from the heart but they are easy on the pocketbook.  Often my gifts are food-related and I've been doing that for years.  Tins of Christmas cookies, home baked bread, pickles and jam and chili nieces and nephews love being the recipients of my frozen dinners.  At Christmas, I'll make up extra dinners for the two weeks before and package them up for the freezer.  The buck store has aluminum and cardboard "take-out" boxes that make it easy.

This past year or so I've been learning how to knit.  I'm still quite a novice but I've discovered round needles and infinity scarves and I just love them.  The round needles let me knit without my arthritis seizing up my hands and my new ergonomic needles just feel like someone made them for my hands.  Using Michael's coupons and yarn sales, I've been able to make scarves for $5 to $10 (not including the love!).  So fair warning, if you are on my gift giving list this year, the chances of receiving a scarf are pretty high.

This one is for my brother-in-law, Bruce

Gorgeous Morgan's Birthday Gift

I still need to weave in the ends and hand wash and block my completed scarves.  Sounds like a good job for Saturday!

My sister, Connie will get this one to match her new winter coat.

I am working on this one for my lovely niece, Brittney.

Still haven't taught Eilish proper knitting etiquette but she is getting better.
So find something you like to make that doesn't cost a lot and give a gift from the heart.

XO Jules


  1. Well done Julie, I'm sure learning to knit has been great fun for you. I love making homemade gifts and each year do something different. Now it is getting harder to come up with a new idea. I've done hats, mittens, scarves, afghans, socks, slippers, bags, bookmarks, applique towels, water bottle holders, covered coathangers and more. I'm still looking for something new and different for this year.

  2. Very nice and a great thing to know. I tried knitting but just can't get into it. I love crocheting tho.

  3. What beautiful gifts. I think you're doing an awesome job to have just started.


  4. Well done on learning ... lots of folk with hand problems would have just given up, or never started, but not you :)


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