September 25, 2013

Bad Blogger!

I broke the cardinal rule of bloggers - no before picture!  I am working on a two room redecoration at my place right now. Who in their right mind does two rooms at the same time?  Well I am but only because I am switching the living room and dining room.  Although as I'm sure you've noticed I have a problem with completing things ie my bedroom.  I think they call it decoratus interruptus.  So really I have three rooms on the go.

Anyways I decided not to show you my living room and dining room until it's complete but I can show you a little project.  I have this little bar or tea cart that I bought about 25 years ago at a second hand store.  It was chocolate brown and pretty ugly.  My living room/dining room at the time was turquoise with small pink and peach accents and lots of glossy white woodwork.  It was in an old house with those 10 inch baseboards - just lovely.  So, of course, I painted it white.

When I moved into my current home, I painted it in a faux verdi-gris finish to match the table and chairs in the sunroom.  Now I am selling that table and chairs so the bar cart is actually going to become a bar cart in my new dining room.  I bought some navy blue spray paint and took it out on the lawn yesterday...

And this is what it looks like now...

I'll show it to you again when the room is done and the cart is "styled".

On a final note : I did have to call the plumber on Monday to replace my kitchen tap.  Even with a proper pipe wrench, my arthritic hands were not strong enough to loosen the nuts.  Otherwise, I'm sure I could have done it!  At least we have running water in the kitchen again.  I never realized how many time I wash my hands while making dinner until I had to run to the bathroom to do it.  Well I'm off to paint a window frame then dining room, talk later.  XO  Jules

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  1. The cart turned out great. Isn't paint a wonderful thing??


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