September 14, 2013

Frugal Friday #4 - Shopping for Clothes at Cleo's

Better late than never I guess.  This week just got away from me but here's my next frugal tip.  Shop the sales.  Yes, I know everyone already does that but I started a new tactic this year..delayed gratification.  My favourite women's wear store is Cleo's but this isn't a sponsored blog so just substitute your favourite store.

a picture from their website featuring their uber-talented consultant, Lynn Spence

I check out the new stock when it comes in.  For example, I have my eye on three dresses I like. I'll go into the store and try them on to check size and fit and then I will wait.  Depending on the priority,  I may wait and wait and wait.  I'm on their e-mailing list and when the items I want go on sale and they have free shipping, then I'm in. I order through the internet and I don't have to face the shopping mall crowds (I hate shopping BTW). I don't have to pay for the gas to travel there and there's a fuller range of sizes and colours left at the virtual store.  I'm not caught buying a last minute outfit at full price for an occasion because I've planned my wardrobe.  Maybe most important is I don't have the opportunity to keep adding something else to the shopping cart!  Impulse buys are not my friend.

My last purchase has just arrived and it cost me less than $40 (tax included). I don't have to wait til the end of the season to get a sale.  The new fall dresses that were $96 are on for $59.99 right now but I want bigger cuts than that!

At full price, I would have paid $179 (before taxes).  Now that is the way to shop frugally!  Have a nice weekend.



  1. Great idea to go in to the store and try on the sizes so you know what to order. You are so disciplined, my dear. Very impressive.


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