September 20, 2013

Frugal Friday #5 - Cheap Labour

There are no pretty pictures for this post.  I did have one planned with pretty pictures but life intervened so you'll see that one next week.  It has been one of those weeks.  Everything I attempted took much longer than planned or didn't work out or couldn't be completed.

I'm working on the living room and dining room right now so the house is in a mess and that's where my topic comes in.  I'm switching the living room and the dining room.  I've painted the living room in Farrow & Ball's Lulworth Blue.  Now it's going to be the dining room but I needed help moving the monstrous china cabinet.

My lovely niece, Allyson came over last Saturday but we discovered there was no way we could do it.  It comes apart in two pieces and it only had to go about 30 feet but no luck.  So I bribed my best friend's husband, Lantz and their son, Josh with beer and lemon squares (hopefully not at the same time) to come and move it today.  While they were here, they also moved the area rug.  So nice!

You can save money if you can do it yourself or have a friend or family member who will help out.  Maybe you have a talent that you can barter for the help you need.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping I'll be the cheap labour.  My kitchen sink started to leak today again! I'm hoping that when I'm rested, I'll be able to replace the tap. A professional plumber is not in my budget. I'll let you know...



  1. Good luck. I don't like messing with water or electricity.

  2. Today I feel we are sisters. I'm painting two rooms and the whole house is a disaster. I also have to try and change my leaking kitchen taps. My china cabinet is huge and there is no way it is ever getting moved again!


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