September 26, 2013


Are you lovin' it?

I have to say that I'm not.

When the big panic of July 1st happened, I felt like it was December 31, 1999 all over again.   Not really a big bang, just a little fizzle.

I'm following some blogs by e-mail and some blogs by Bloglovin' and some I've signed up both.  Gotta say I'm in a terrible mess and can't seem to keep up with anything and I know I'm missing some of you.  My in-box is flooded every day and  I really don't like Bloglovin's just doesn't make me want to open the blog post a read it. Sometimes my cursor hovers over that Bloglovin' e-mail and I hit delete instead of open.  It seems that I spend more time each day but read less than I used to.  I'm going back to my reading list on Blogger.  If I was already following you on June 30th, you're still there.  If I want to add a new blog, I can paste the URL after I hit the ADD button or I can "follow" you if you left that on your blog.  The only real change I can see is my list isn't in alphabetical order anymore.  Big deal.  The posts still come on my reading list based on their age, I can still scroll through and click and read to my heart's content.  I guess I'll keep the button on my blog as it seems to be the way of the world but I'm kickin' it old school now because I'm not lovin' Bloglovin'!

XO Jules


  1. For me the best way to follow my favourite blogs is to have them in my own blogroll/list I just add the url of the blog and presto whenever that blog updates it moves to the top of my list. I do have my site listed on Bloglovin' but have to admit I rarely go there myself, but I know others do like it so that is when it is linked on my site. I've also just started a Facebook page for my site and I'm following lots of my faves there as well. With my ways I don't have to wade through lots of emails all the time.
    I'm at if you want to add me.

  2. I sign up for Bloglovin for people that add me to their list. But I never planned on reading blogs from it. I prefer to do that from my blog roll. Otherwise it's overwhelming to see how many posts you've missed. I went through that years ago with the reader and decided then and there that kind of thing was not for me!

  3. Thank heavens someone else is feeling overwhelmed with it! It's driving me crazy and I'm missing all kinds of posts that I had read regularly. I had a backlog of 3000 emails and had to scan for my readers comments and delete all the rest today.


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