December 09, 2013

Christmas in Port Perry

I realized that I never showed you photos from our little shopping trip to Port Perry at the end of November.  Port Perry is a lovely old town in southern Ontario.  It used to have one of my favourite stores - Settlement House.  Two floors of award-winning furniture and home decor.  Unfortunately they closed.  I never knew why.  Because of that, we don't visit Port Perry as often as we used to but there is always an obligatory Christmas shopping trip and Luke's General Store is a great destination.  We also poked through a bunch of other stores but most of the pictures are from Luke's.

Red is always a big colour this time of year.

This is for my American friends. I fell in love with Hobby Lobby.  You can get interesting furniture knobs really cheap there.  Here in Canada, most seem to be about $5 each.  I'm buying a lot next time I visit!

I have fallen in love with all the driftwood accessories out there.  I'll have to add something to my sunroom this year.

All the aqua gorgeousness reminds me of my friend, Linda

Lots of grey and silver out this year.  I'm glad I've worked that into my living room colour scheme.

Okay, I had to show you this really tacky purple tree.  Because I'm using shades of purple of my living room, anything purple catches my eye.



  1. Thanks for taking on this fun shopping trip!


  2. We often drive through Port Perry on our way to the cottage, but never stop. This looks like a great store though so maybe I should plan a stop one time.


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