December 04, 2013

The Luckiest Woman in the World

Do you know who this is?  Her name is Kathryn Jones and she is the luckiest woman in the world.

About a year ago, she bought a lottery ticket.  The jackpot was $50 million dollars (in Canada, you don't pay tax on lottery winnings so it really is $50 million).  She lost her ticket before she checked it. She wasn't really concerned and went on with her life.

After the winnings weren't claimed, the lottery started investigating.  They were on a deadline because the jackpot has to be claimed within one year. Their records led them to the drugstore where the ticket was purchased.  Closed circuit cameras gave them a picture of Kathryn and they were able to track her down through her credit card.

That's when investigators came knocking on her door.  She didn't know why they were there and didn't want to let them in.  Then they told her she won $50 million dollars.  Can you imagine?

Well, there is still some administrative work to go through but in the new year, she will have $50 million dollars in her bank account.  So even though she doesn't have ticket and didn't know she won, the lottery is still awarding her the prize.  That's why she's the luckiest woman in the world!



  1. Morning, oh boy, what a lucky lady, guess she will be having a wonderful Christmas, Francine.

  2. I know...I wish it was me! xo J

  3. Wow - how fantastic that the lottery sought her out. Very admirable.


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