December 02, 2013

Happy Monday

My sister, Connie called me yesterday and said, "I've done such a Julie thing today.  You'll be proud of me".  I was a little wary as she sometimes makes fun of my Martha Stewart tendencies.

She still works in the office where I used to work.  The staff there has been decimated by cutbacks...layoffs and forced you can imagine that the mood isn't very festive.  It's a large office with only a handful of staff now.  One of the girls, Chris (who always has a sunny disposition) suggested that they celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas.  Each of the dozen staff left were given a day and the challenge to do something nice for their co-workers.  Today was Connie's day and everyone would come into work this morning to find a Christmas box on their desk with these inside...

Homemade Cookies!!!

Isn't my sister a sweetie!



  1. Well,Judy, I'm a happy little camper tonight. She dropped a box off here after work so I get cookies for dessert with my tea! J

  2. And they were yummy. I just had some. j

  3. Replies
    1. They were - I had 4 for dessert - oh my. J

  4. She has set the standard very high for the other 11 days of Christmas - what a treat to find when arriving to work. All that sugar should keep the lights on for a few hours. Well done Connie!

    1. She has and I heard they were appreciated. I meant to tell you that they solved their "light" problem. Connie set up fans with streamers. haha J

  5. What a sweet surprise and great idea to spread some Christmas cheer. Thanks for sharing such a sweet story. I sincerely hope that everyone at your sister's work place has a brighter holiday season.


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