July 12, 2014

Fabric Sniffin'

It was a busy week here with all four Shaw sisters in the same town.  Connie didn't have any time off but we did have a great pool party afternoon and potluck dinner last weekend at her place.  No sorry...no pictures of the bathing beauty sisters (I'd like to keep all my body parts attached).

I've shared our little boat cruise with you but Cathy and Cheryl and I had a lovely lunch out at a Thai restaurant.  Cathy had never had a Singapore Sling before so we ordered them.  I don't know how she got through her 20's without one.

They were very good.

So very good - I need to make some Thai food at home.

Now onto the title...you were wondering, weren't you?

My sister-in-law, Maureen is an amazing seamstress...utterly amazing.  The girl can make anything..from a bikini to a winter coat.  She can't pass up a good fabric store and my brother would liken it to a bloodhound sniffin' out the best deals on fabric.

This comes to mind because Cathy and I went to Homesense.  I swear that I am just like junkie when I hit the linen department...pillows, sheets, towels, tablecloths.  Oh my, I have to stay out of there if I don't want to leave with a full cart. I'll show you my new tablecloth later but here's the towel deals I sniffed out...

I think there may be some bathroom redecoration in my future......hmmmm.


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