July 28, 2014

Garden Glimpses

It's a rainy, overcast, grey day in Peterborough so I thought I'd share some photos of the garden that I've taken this month.

So cute!!!!  A planter made for me by my "honourary" nephew, Josh.  He's still in high school but has a blacksmithing business.  I'll do a post on him soon.

I visited the Laveanne lavender fields a couple of weeks ago.  It was lovely. I just love the scent of lavender and am growing as many kinds as I can find.  At the farm, I bought some Dutch lavender which I had never heard of before.  We'll see how it grows here.  So far, Munstead lavender is my favourite.

I hope it's sunny wherever you are!



  1. I love lavender Do you dry yours and use it for sachets or something?

    1. Hi Kim - yes I dry it for sachets and last year, I made some lavender wands. J

  2. Hi Julie - your flowers are just beautiful! Those lavender fields are gorgeous.


  3. I'm in Ontario too and it's sure been a cold and rainy summer. It's a treat wandering through your garden and the lavender farm with you!

    1. Thanks Maureen. I know...I still haven't finished my garden. It hasn't been good gardening weather this year. (Or at least I am using that excuse for my laziness :) J

  4. We had rain yesterday too ... much needed rain. I love your chair planter.

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