February 29, 2012

It's the Bees Knees

It's the bees knees.  I love candles but I have a lot of allergies and can't handle most scented candles.  Pure honey-scented beeswax candles though, well let's just say they are a whole new ball of wax ;).

I bought this beautiful amber depression glass bowl at Vinnie's for $15.  Once I got it home, I wasn't sure what to do with it. Yellows are not a prevalent colour in my decor.  Then last Sunday I went to Warkworth (Ontario) for a drive.  It's a cute little village that seems to attract a lot of artists and artisans.  If you are in southern Ontario, you should it out.  I'm heading back on March 10/11 for the Maple Festival.  Hopefully, I'll remember my camera this time.  They have a craft and vintage sale -yay!

Anyways, I went to the Cheeky Bee http://cheekybee.com and was over the moon when I saw (and smelled) their gorgeous beeswax candles.  I bought a large pillar one and knew I had found a use for my bowl.

It looked a little stark just sitting in the bowl and then I remembered Brenda at http://www.cozylittlehouse.com piling shells around the base of one of her candles.  Sooo I went to the buck store yesterday and found bags of shells.  The purple just ties it in with my dining room so now it sits in front of the window - ready to scent the house with sweet honey.

Bye bye for now.  I'm off to make a batch of chili for the freezer and creme caramel for tonight's dessert.  Check out http://dinneratjulies.blogspot.com later for the creme caramel recipe.


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  1. I suffer from allergy problems too and find nearly all fragrances are too much to be around. I can't even shop near the candle section of a store so my candles are unscented. I'll have to check these out. The candle you bought looks wonderful displayed in the bowl and the shells are a lovely touch.


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