February 13, 2012

Vintage Values at Vinnie's

I've been shopping at Vinnie's again!  I got some great vintage finds at some really great prices...

A pretty silver candy dish that I'm going to use for a candle.

A sweet Foley tea cup circa 1930/40s

A ream of pure Irish linen
Crisp pink cotton edged pillowcases
Crisp white cases with pink hand tatted edging
 I really would like to put those pillowcases through the laundry and make up my bed with fresh crisp pretty linens.  Just think about all the time someone spent working on that lovely edging and then folded the pillowcases up in the closet.  I'm sure she thought they were too good to actually use them.  I can imagine I would have a really good sleep but I've decided to open an Etsy store next year and so I'm starting to stockpile some lovely vintage things to sell.  Oh well, back to the linen closet with these...


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