February 03, 2012


My Mom was cleaning out a closet today and found a treasure trove - her old button box.  I remember this Black Magic chocolate box from my childhood.  When something wore out, all the buttons were meticulously clipped off and saved.  You never know when you might need a button!  Funny but back then, you got rid of clothes because they wore out - not because they "went out of fashion".  You got rid of  them because you grew out of them (because you were a child and then your younger sister/brother/cousin got them) - not because you "grew" out of them (lost or gained weight).

I spent the day cleaning and culling my bookcases in the office and folding fabric for storage in the sewing cupboard.  I am almost done the tidying and then I will post some pictures for you. All that's left is FUN!  Drapes and a bulletin board....

Well good night and sleep tight...I am sipping a hot chocolate (out of my special cup that is twice the size of  a regular one) and reading your blogs before lights out...


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  1. My sister was here to visit the day before yesterday and brought me a bag of buttons which triggered a conversation about buttons. Our mom had a tin full of buttons that dated back to when she first started sewing and we were wondering whatever happened to it. I also had a tin full but it too has been misplaced over the years. I still remove the buttons from clothing that has worn out or nolonger fits. I'm not one who discards clothing for any other reason. I find sorting through a tin or box of old buttons to be an enjoyable experience. Have a great weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your sewing room.


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