May 26, 2012

It's a Jungle Out There.

Have you noticed that the pictures of my garden are all close-ups of the flowers.  After being inspired Sarah at and talking to Claudia at about reality in blogging, I decided to tell the truth and it truly is a jungle out there.

Last year my knee was so bad that I was unable to garden.  I got some help from my honourary nephew, Josh but it was impossible to stem the tide.  The neglected garden spread like wildfire with weeds taking over.  It was a before scene from The Secret Garden.

These are the views starting at the gate and following down along the garden at the right to the back right corner, including views of the base of the gingko tree and my oval garden with the magnolia.

These photos are the garden on the left of the shed, along the fence to the garden beside the patio and the vegetable garden at the side of the house.  This is the reality and while I have already spent 4 or 5 full days on it, I have the whole summer to get it back where it should be.  So now you have seen the work in progress and I will keep you up to date with Garden Glimpses.  Wish me luck!



  1. That is the prettiest jungle I've ever seen! Love it!

  2. I see that lovely garden shed of yours. Maybe you can try posting more about it, like shoving what its inside to your readers. :)

    1. Hey Jake - during the summer, the inside of the shed doesn't look too bad. Some extra pots and an ancient electric lawn mower but during the winter, it's a totally different story. I can barely close the door - all the lawn furniture and every bit of garden decor. Right now the doors are frozen shut with snow and ice here in Canada so maybe next year.


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