August 31, 2012

Chili Sauce

I am joining Claudia's party today and sharing one of my favourite things.  When she mentioned her idea for a party, I loved it.  My mind raced with a million of my favourite things that I could share.  It was hard to decide which one to write about first.  In fact, the one I finally landed on will now be next Saturday's because today I made chili sauce.  And that changed everything...

Here I am tonight getting ready to type my post.  I was going through my Mom's recipe file.  I love the old, tattered, food stained, well loved recipes written in her hand.  These are more precious than gold to me. 

There is nothing like the sense of smell to bring memories rushing back.

When I opened the bag of pickling spice and took a deep breath, I was once again that 10 year old girl walking home from school.  A block from home you could smell the chili sauce bubbling.  It's sharp spicy scent wafting through the screen windows and down the street.  Your step quickens and you hurry home, hoping for a taste before dinner.

Alas, the jars are full and Mom is washing up the dishes and getting ready to put the meatloaf in the oven.  Meatloaf is always on the menu the night the chili sauce is made.

Mom may be 87 years old but some things never change.

The lids are popping and my heart is full with memories of childhood.  Chili sauce is definitely one of my favourite things.



  1. So what is the recipe? Sounds wonderful.

  2. Julie your post made me smile! I love family recipes! hugs, Linda

  3. Oh, Julie - I loved reading your post! What a wonderful memory to have. And I agree, the sense of smell is so very powerful... Thanks for sharing!... Donna

  4. Best Favorite Thing ever! Hey, My mama is 87 too and is still as sharp as a tack!

  5. Umm-mmm! I can smell it through the computer screen! I can see why that sauce is a favorite thing and the memories tied in with it are priceless.

    Thanks so much for joining in on the party, Julie and please come back next week!

    You're killing me with that photo of McCoy in your header!!


  6. My Mom always put chile sauce in her meatloaf instead of ketchup. I love it and tha'ts so great that you have jars of it. Yummy!

  7. The many many beautiful cherry tomatoes have catched my eye! So delicious.

  8. The smell of chili sauce puts me right back in my childhood, too! This is such a lovely post! ~ Maureen

  9. I love this post! I love that you said you could smell the chili sauce a block away when you were a child - the sense of smell really transports us back in time, doesn't it?!

    I found my mothers and both my grandmothers recipes at my parents house - I agree, they are pure gold.

    Nothing better than mom's meatloaf - well maybe the meatloaf sandwiches the next day. :)

    Wish I'd had some homemade chili sauce.


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