August 24, 2012

Garden Party

I promised to show you some pictures from the garden party at Griffin's Greenhouses so here they are.  I tried to avoid photos with people in them so I don't have an overall view of the garden.  Behind the shop and greenhouses, there is a large pond and a roadway runs along it.  The garden starts here on the side of the road and continues beyond the pond.  Gazebos, arches and trellises abound.  Garden benches made from every material imaginable and secret room upon secret room leads you through the garden, across the stone bridge to seating areas tucked into shady, tropical oases.  From there, you can view the entire garden and pond unobserved yourself.

some of the wildlife living in the garden

this one is for Elaine



  1. Hello Julie, such wonderful gardens,thanks so much for sharing,loved the garden tour. Blessings Francine.

  2. I love walking around greenhouse/garden centers, you can get so many ideas. I enjoyed my walk via your photos today.

  3. Hi Julie! What an amazing place! I love all the fun features they have in their gardens. Hugs, Linda

  4. Such lovely garden ideas! I've already talked to my husband about floating a log in our pond for the turtles. Generally, they just sun themselves on the bank, but they might appreciate their own log. Loved looking at the pretty scenes...thanks for posting them.

  5. These are great photos. I'd love to add a fee ideas I got here to my garden. Thanks for sharing.


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