December 04, 2012

Christmas Planter

I decided to throw together a little Christmas planter.  One of my friends went to a local greenhouse and took a class.  She made a gorgeous one.  I might just find the time to do that next year but this year I'm a little pressed.  So I took one of my summer annual planters that I hadn't dumped yet and added some greenery...

...and a few bits and bobs with a hand-tied bow.

As you can see, no snow in southern Ontario so I used PicMonkey...

My amaryllis is blooming...

This last picture is one my friend Cindi took, looking down our main street during the evening.

Aren't the street lights lovely?  I'm joining Brenda for Tweak It Tuesday.



  1. Morning, your planter is so festive and pretty, wonderful job......Such a charming town picture, love how it 's decorated.....Blessings Francine.

  2. That planter is very pretty. Your Amaryllis blooms just in time for Chritmas - mine never blooms til spring.


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