December 27, 2012

Christmas Reflections

This time of year when Christmas Day has passed and the New Year is quickly upon us leads me to reflect on the events of the last year.  I try to hold those thoughts in check because I like to spend a solitary New Year's Day reviewing the previous 12 months and making plans for the future.  I'm finding it harder to do this now.  Is it my milestone birthday this year (the big 5-0) or reading all the blogs I follow that are doing the "Best of 2012" posts or the hectic party pace I've been keeping up all month??  I feel the tip of an invisible whip spurring me on to make plans...bigger and better.

I was reading Brenda's cozy little blog entry and I feel the same this time of year - a real spring cleaning desire in the middle of winter.  Clean, sweep, scrub, purge, organize...out with the old and in with the new.  Between now and the New Year, I will concentrate on boxing up and putting away Christmas.  Giving in any further than that, will lead to paint and dropcloths and installing new light fixtures.  Frankly, I'm too tired to start that right now.  I need a little peace and quiet to recharge my batteries.

For those of you who guessed, yes, the tea cosy was made by my knitting friend, the extraordinary Cindi.  It matches my kitchen decor and I simply adore it (wait until you see what my other knitter extraordinaire made me!). 

For tonight, I am settling in with the December issue of British Country Living (I adore British magazines) and a cup of tea sweetened with a spoon of amber honey from my beekeeping niece, Allyson.  Lovely Christmas gift from her as well.  I shall get a picture of the centrepiece she made me for the blog - so rustic and outdoorsy.

Does this remind you of a certain reindeer?

I'm going to leaf through my magazine, sip my tea and let my mind wander where it will.  I'll remember all the lovely parties I've attended and hosted, all the family and friends from near and far who have warmed my heart this Christmas season and all the warm memories we made of love and laughter.



  1. Morning Julie, love the picture of the sweet cup on the magazine, one of my favorite things to do.......Cute tea cozy, Enjoy the weekend,and remember, it is only a number my friend.....Blessings Francine.

  2. That is an adorable tea cozy made by your friend. 50 isn't old ... but when you get that letter from the government saying you will be 65 and can claim certain benefits ... then you start to feel a bit old.

  3. Love the tea cozy and it does remind me of a certain reindeer. As for turning 50, it's not big deal. I did it nearly two decades ago and it didn't hurt at all. Enjoy your tea and magazine and this time of reflection.

  4. I love to reflect on the year. Please see my blog post today. Happy New Year!

  5. This time of the year I feel the same way as well. I think largely it has to do with the weather. When it is that cold and that snowy outside, you just settle in, relax, reflect. Lovely post, love the spots on the mug! Diane

  6. Seems like an excellent way to reflect on the past and the future.



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