May 25, 2013


I am joining Claudia's A Favourite Thing party today.  You should hop on over to her blog, Mockingbird Hill Cottage to check it out.  There was no difficulty choosing a favourite thing this week. It is my new baby kitten.  She finally has a name, Eilish.  She was born on St Patrick's Day so I wanted to find an Irish name that suited her.  It was really difficult and took a couple of weeks.  The poor girl has had a different name every day!  Here is my cutie patootie...

She is playing with her wolf's tail...

Today was the first day that I was able to get a picture of her awake that wasn't a big blur of fur.

She likes my Ralph Lauren sheets.  After clicking the camera a few times, the little eye opened and she said "really, are you going to keep doing that?" and then she got up and jumped off the bed and was gone.

I just love little kittens.  Tiny bundles of energy whizzing around the house, up and down, over and under.  She makes the cutest little sounds - no meows - just a little trill that sounds more like a bird.  She is not afraid of the bigger cats, stands her ground and hisses back if necessary but she squealed in fright today over a tiny beetle.  She falls asleep at the drop of a hat and wakes up raring to go.




nighty night



  1. Oh Julie, she is so cute, love that little furry face.....give her a hug from me, Francine.

  2. Kittens are too funny-- enjoy!

  3. I can see why you've fallen in love with this little ball of fur. She'll be keeping you amused for years to come. Her colouring is lovely.


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