May 21, 2013

May Garden Journal

Usually when I share pictures of my garden, they are beautiful, edited shots: often very close up.  Not today.  I need a realistic garden journal.  I'm working on a bit of a revamp of my garden, trying to make it simpler and less maintenance.  To do that, I need real, unvarnished pictures, taken everything month.  That way I can make decisions on what is working and what is not.  This early in the season, nothing is edged or mulched so here goes, warts and all...

I'm starting with the front of the house. A little weeding, pruning and mulching is in order.  I need to replace the house numbers, outdoor light and mailbox.  The front door needs painted.  Paint on the porch should be touched up.  New cushion for chair and I'll have to keep my eye on the begonia planted in the pink pot.  The squirrels seem to love them.  The front garden gets pink wave petunias.  Might be a good idea the clean those windows too.

Lots of fertilizer required here...

Some weeding and mulching required.  The lawn is in horrible shape but I know I can't get to that this year.

Some pruning in order but the bridal wreath spirea needs to bloom first.  I think the clematis and trellis will be moved to the back.  It gets lost in the front.

Around the side corner is a little utilitarian...

Fava beans and nasturtiums.  I've never eaten fava beans before so I must track down some recipes.

My bean garden, seeds planted at the beginning of  May.  Need to fill in some spots.  They look really dry but they were watered today and we have 3 days of rain forecasted.

Now to the other side yard or as I grandly refer to it, my courtyard.  It has a porch heading into the kitchen and boy, does it need painted.

A view from the driveway....

Won't it be nice when I get it all cleaned (and painted).  Perfect place for morning coffee.

I cheaped out this year and bought as many plants as possible at discount stores.  Looks like lots of fertilizer will be required.

My potting bench needs to be built and I think a trellis of morning glories would be good.

Just inside the back gate.  Lots of pruning and digging out required.  This  area will eventually house my frog collection.  I would never recommend a burning bush - just a weed.

Need to save my Euphorbia polychroma.

The lilacs are doing well this year.  I plan to clean up in front of them and plant foxgloves.

The wild back corner.  I need to hack through this area, tidy it up and make a couple of fairy gardens.

Don't you love this shed?! Sheeesh.  My nasty cat hating neighbour has a lovely mess in his backyard which has led me to sadly neglect this corner of my yard.

My wheelbarrow has been planted.  Red and purple this year.

My Japanese maple is coming along.

The lilacs I had to chop down are coming back nicely.

The back garden...I need to rescue some plants, dig out some of the violets and bishop's weed, mulch, mulch, mulch.

This is the garden that backs onto my unfriendly neighbours.  I have lilacs at one corner with a Japanese maple beside.  The other side of the garden has a flowering almond.  Eventually I will find another bush to plant but this year, I will grow lavatera and hollyhocks to provide some screening.  This is the next garden to work on.

The oval garden is lush and beautiful again this year.  Just needs edging and mulching.

My magnolia is almost done.

Side garden got some tomato plants and lavender planted yesterday.

Veggie garden...seeds planted at beginning of May.

Patio garden...


I'm joining Elaine at Sunny Simple Monday!


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  1. Julie - I think your flowers and garden look pretty darn good. Do you have a bad winter? We lost so many things the last few years because of the hard winters and HOT summers.

    Don't work too hard.



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