February 05, 2012

Painted Cabinet

The highlight of this weekend's work was finishing the sewing supply cabinet tonight. It feels so nice to be done. I was originally thinking about distressing it (which was making it me a bit nervous).  However, during the last few days of sanding and touching up and getting the fretwork painted and installed, I have discovered that it is going to quickly "distress" itself so I'm leaving it alone - going to let the chips fall where they may ;)

Here are the pix...

Good Night



  1. Julie, the room came together nicely. The cabinet looks perfect the way it is. I wish I had one like it to store my fabric. Since I don't have the room for any more furniture I have to be content with my storage boxes. I'm sure you'll spend many enjoyable hours working in this room. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Thanks so much - enjoy your week too!


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