February 12, 2012

Vintage Tableclothes

I was sorting through drawers this week and pulled out all my vintage tablecloths and dresser scarves.  They were all freshly laundered and pressed this week - ready for the next party.  Some of them belonged to my Mom and the rest were given to me by my cousin before she passed away.  I know that some of them had belonged to her mother and she knew I liked old linens.

My favourites are the yellows and blues.  Some have holes worn in them and some have stains that won't come out but I couldn't love them any more if they were perfect.   They are a woven history of my family and tell the story of countless dinners. 

I can feel the warmth and the love in the snowy folds and the simple stitchwork...

A crisp dresser scarf that my mother bought in 1946.  We are using it in the guest room.

This is an idea I got from Claudia at http://www.mockingbirdhillcottage.com/ for protecting my sewing machine.  I've covered it with one of the dresser scarves too.



  1. Because I've been somewhat of a Nomad for most of my life I have very few momentos. I do have a couple of small dresser scarves that my mother embroidered. I don't use them but keep them tucked away. They are stained and faded but I treasure them. Enjoy your week, Julie.

  2. I know, some of which originally belonged to her mother, she knows I like old sheets. Amazing blog dear, i love it. Thanks!

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