June 10, 2012

Road Trip - my first linky party

I am joining my first linky party - yay.  Thanks to Elaine at Sunny Simple Life.  Check her blog out - you'll love it.  If you want to join her party, she's made it really easy, just click on link below.

As a guest at my first party, I've decided to add to my June giveaway.  When I was on a road trip to Bancroft last week (the post I linked to the party), I went to a thrift store and one of the things I bought was this vintage apron.

I am adding this to my giveaway (after it is laundered and ironed of course)....here's the rest of my loot from that thrift store.  The pieces of fabric are embroidered but I have no idea what the are for.  At $2.75 for the lot, I decided I'd figure something out.

Have a nice Sunday.



  1. You are a sweetheart. Thanks for linking up and have a wonderful Sunday. Gorgeous linens by the way.

  2. Vintage aprons are lovely. I keep meaning to find my old patterns and sew some up.


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