June 17, 2012

Love in a Mist

It's a quiet, lazy Sunday here.  The sun is shining, the breeze is gently blowing, the bees are buzzing and the momma robin is trying to teach her little ones to fly.  They keep gliding into our yard from the neighbour's lilac bush and momma sounds the alarm.  One of the cats slink over to investigate and momma dives with a shrill call.  We rush out and tell the cats to back up.  I think they are more afraid of the robins than the robins are of them.  One of us deposits the baby back in nest and the dance starts again.

I was noticing some new flowers blooming as I cut the grass.  One of my favourites is "Love in a Mist".  I think it's the lovely descriptive name more than anything else that appeals to me.  It is a beautiful annual that is easy to grow and generously self-seeds.

Here's some pictures of other new bloomers.  I played around with PicMonkey a bit.  It's fun...

I am joining Elaine today at Sunny Simple Life's Sunday party.  It's a great time so take a few minutes to check out her wonderful blog and visit her "party-goers".



  1. I have always wanted to grow Love in a Mist. So delicate. Pretty color. I never see it in the nursery. I wonder do you start it from seed?

  2. Your flowers are gorgeous!!!!!


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