June 30, 2012

Was that a Bear???

On our way to Bobcaygeon for a little retail therapy yesterday, my friends Cindi and Linda and I stopped at a nearby potter's studio,  Kawartha Wilds Pottery so Cindi could interview Lucia for her newsletter.   Cindi writes a blog Purl 1 as well as the quarterly newsletter so check it out.

Cindi is co-piloting and directing me off the highway into a largely forested area dotted with gravel drives and country homes glimpsed through the foliage.  We turn into Lucia's drive and head up the hill.  I stop the car and the three of us sit frozen with our mouths open.  Finally I say "that was a bear".  I'm still not sure if it was a statement or a question.  From the backseat, Linda says "I'm glad you said it first.  I thought I was seeing things".  Cindi says it was a little bear but where there's a baby, there's a momma.  We finally start breathing again but no one is rushing to get out of the car.  We peer into the woods where the bear disappeared and see moving bushes.  Cindi assures me that it is just the wind.  I suggest she get out first since this excursion was her idea.   Just then Lucia comes out of the studio to welcome us.   I guess she recognized our hesitancy (maybe it was the locked car doors ;).   Anyway, she say "Oh did you see the bear?  Never mind.  It won't bother you.  My husband feeds the animals outside and the bear comes by in the morning to finish off the food".  Okaaaay.

I can tell you there was no dillly dalllying getting from the car to the studio.  Her work is amazing and I took some pictures for you.

And here are my purchases, mostly buttons that I have displayed on one of my white plates for contrast.  Some of these lovely buttons just might make into July's giveaway.  Remember today is the last day to leave a comment on either of my blogs as your entry into June's giveaway.



  1. Oh a bear would scare me too! Love her work and I'm so glad you shared photos with us. I'm a new follower and so I'm reading past blogs to get to know you! Hugs, Linda

  2. Julie, for whatever reason 25 of your posts show up all at once 7 hours ago. I am going to go back a read what I've missed but don't have to time to respond to them all. Hugs


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