June 02, 2012

Blue day, blue irises

It's a grey, overcast, rainy day here in southern Ontario.  I decided this gives me a perfect excuse to take the day off, while away the hours with your lovely blogs and to catch up on reading my magazines.  At first, the rain had me feeling a little blue but I've been so busy lately that I decided it was Mother Nature's message to slow down and relax a little.  The garden has been watered by the rain and it's too muddy to do anything useful outside so I've had my feet up all day.  Soon it will be time to go make Chicken Diane for dinner  http://dinneratjulies.blogspot.ca/2011/02/chicken-tuesday.html . Speaking of blue, I will share a picture of my beautiful blue Siberian irises and wish you a happy Saturday.


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  1. Hi Julie, Your irises are so lovely. Sometimes a rainy day is a blessing in disguise because it gives a reason to stay inside. It's good to take time to enjoy and relax!
    Mary Alice


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