June 15, 2012

Monday Afternoons with the Girls

On Mondays, I meet with a few friends for lunch and a few games of Rummi-Cube.  Last Monday, we met at the zoo first for a walk before going to Cindy's for the afternoon.

I LOVE the zoo.  We have a beautiful zoo and I practically lived there as a child.  It was a short walk away, my mum would pack me a lunch and my friend, Ingrid and I would spend the day.  We knew the zookeepers and they would let us in the cages to visit the animals.  Of course, it is much bigger and grander nowadays but I still feel like a kid there.  You can visit it virtually here Riverview Park and Zoo.

The zoo is very popular with visitors and we often see people coming from a couple of hours away for the day.  There is no admission cost.  You can bring the family and a picnic and get by with only a few bucks for the miniature train ride.

Totem Pole at entrance

We mostly went for a walk on Monday but we did stop for the train ride.  It was extremely hot that day so the playground was deserted but the splash pad was FULL of kids (and a few adults) cooling down.

playground and splashpad 

We then walked through the middle of the zoo towards the train..we saw the meerkats which are my favourite (the otters and serval cats are a close second).

Another time I will wander over there by myself and go through and take lots of pictures of the animals.

Train Ride

feeding the ducks
feeding the carp (if they can get it before the ducks do)

Then we walked down to the water...

We walked along the river and then back to the parking lot before heading to Cindy's.  It was a great day.



  1. I love visiting the Peterborough zoo. Hopefully we will get there this summer with the grand kids. I k ow they will love the train ride. You are lucky being so close.

  2. great description of the day! It was a lot of fun and we need to find another interesting spot to visit - sandy


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