December 10, 2012

Christmas in my Bathroom

Do you think I'm going overboard when I decorate my bathroom for Christmas?

I used a little crystal sandwich plate to display some balls from Walmart.  Don't worry - they are plastic so no one will be hurt if they drop into the sink.

A pretty Christmas ball in a dish.

A lovely set of Christmas towels that my sister, Cheryl gave me.

I'm joining Brenda at Tweak It Tuesday.

"Mom" says Finnie "why are you bending over looking at this towel?  Is there something in here?"


ps Don't be upset if you can't leave a comment.  I am having trouble with Blogger.  All my comments have disappeared!


  1. Of course it's not overboard to decorate the bathroom. It's the season of plenty!

  2. Of course bathrooms should be decorated. It is a very busy room all the time.
    The link to your comments is in white on this template, I'm wondering if folks couldn't find the link to leave a comment.

    1. Thanks for your suggestion - I think I got it fixed!

  3. Hi Julie,
    I've just went back to see what I've been missing here. I love seeing all of the Christmas decorations. It's wonderful how we each have our own unique ideas and style for decorating for the holidays. I love the decorations you've shown and what you've done to the bath is simple but spectacular! You were lucky to have found ornaments in colors that go so well. I hope you don't mind me borrowing this idea in my bath room. Happy holiday~


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