January 05, 2013

Sometimes you just need a cuddle....

Hi everyone.  I am linking to Elaine for her Sunny Simple Sunday today.  Sometimes you just need a cuddle. It is as simple as that and around my place, the cuddliest one is Finnie.  He is always ready to cuddle...

My sweet boy...

Then there's Lucy...she is far from cuddly.
Don't come any closer...
Both Finnie and Lucy were rescue cats but Finnie was only a tiny kitten and Lucy was over a year old and had already failed one adoption.  She's a bit of a difficult girl but we're still talking about her behaviour and hopefully, we'll come to an agreement some day. 

She does, however, love having her picture taken!  What a contrary little girl I have.  Just as I am typing, she wakes up and comes over to give me a big cuddle?!?  Maybe she's psychic (lol).  She is cuddly with her Finn though.

And while my Mousie and Pinkie are gone to heaven, they will never be forgotten.  They were both great little cuddlers.


Pumpkin (Pinkie) and no he wasn't posed.  This is how he slept.

And no, not posed for the picture.  This is how Pinkie sat on the couch.  He was a real character!



  1. Oh my goodness so sweet! Love finnie and Lucy! Pinkie and mousie look like they were such sweet kitties too. I can't get over pinkie pictures! Too cute! He was comfy one!

  2. Pinkie breaks me up lounging like a dude on the couch! I have one rescue cat that isn't a cuddler. She's endures me picking her up but she really wants to bite.

  3. Beautiful furry kids you have, great pictures you took of them.....Bless your heart for giving them a warm wonderful home, Francine.

  4. I once had a darling little feline kid named Duke who thought he was a human child and when he slept it was on his back with his head on a pillow. He was a cuddler who loved to be held. These are some great photos of Finnie and Lucy.

  5. These photos are awesome and such beautiful cats ~ animals are such treasures each with their own personalities ~ glad you have each other ~ Happy New Year ^_^

    A Creative Harbor) aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^

  6. Julie,
    Thanks so much for the info...I did that about 4 hours ago and it worked just fine:)


  7. Awwwwww...they are all adorable.

    We are so blessed to have cats in our lives...people that are not cat people miss out on so much.


  8. They are so very cute! We love cuddling with our cats :)

    Pinkie seems like such a hoot! I love that last photo. So funny!

    Visiting from Sunny Simple Sunday :)

  9. Hi Julie, I'm popping over from Sunny Simple Life. Pinkie (pumpkin) store my heart! May I pin his photo on Pinterest? You must miss him terribly but thank goodness you have some other adorable furry cats to keep you company. The photo on Pinkie is amazing! It looks like a poster. I bet he was quite the character! I love animals and wish I wasn't allergic to cats. I have 2 dogs..

  10. Sorry for the misspellings. I'm on my i-pad and when I try to make the screen bigger so I can see, it won't let me type.

  11. Julie, I'm back again because I fell in love with Pinkie! The photo of him captured my heart. I pinned him on my pinterest board and included a link to your blog. If you would prefer I didn't do this, please let me know but he's just to cute not to share with the world! He will live on forever not only in your heart but in the hearts of those he captures through your amazing photo of him!


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