November 30, 2013

Dear Anonymous....

I got an anonymous response to my post on Friday.  I've obviously really hurt someone's feelings. Comments on my blog don't get posted if they don't have a name attached but I wanted to share it with you.

"This is just plain mean - a lot of those incidents are from years past - and many are "alleged" meaning that the police have NOT confirmed them. It is bad enough to have things like this happen - but then to have someone from another country print them as ALL the truth is even worse. You make us look like a bunch of horrid people - intent only on taking taking taking, Did you report the thousands of people that spent their entire day at a kitchen, feeding the homeless? Did you tell of the millions of dollars that are spent each year on gifts for underprivileged children - we take a name and buy what the kids have listed on their list, clothes, toys, sometimes they ask for a blanket for their grandma. Did you tell about that? Did you tell of the millions of dollars raised by the Salvation Army Bell Ringers - where people going into and out of stores drop money into the red buckets? Did you tell of the families who took dinner and treats to those in convalescent hospitals so they would not be alone on Thanksgiving? Did you tell of the people who teach their children to do good to others and help out whenever possible? Did you tell of volunteers bring entire meals and set them up in hospitals so hundreds staff and patients' families can have a little bit of Thanksgiving during a hard time in the hospital? I don't think you did - yet that is who America is - not just the rough and ignorant people who will trample someone for a cheap price. I bet there are people in Canada who would react the same as the Black Friday people - fortunately we don't go around spreading such news as the "truth" about all of Canada. I'm ashamed of you - I hope you are too."

I wish this person would let me know who you are.  I am sincerely sorry if you thought I was taking a stab at Americans. That is definitely not my intention.  I was actually expressing a personal opinion about how much I hate shopping in large, pushing crowds.  Nothing could get me out.  In case, you weren't aware, I suffer from bipolar disorder and being in large crowds just gives me a panic attack. 

I'm glad you pointed out all the wonderful things people do for each other during the holiday season (and all year) but I was writing a post about shopping and specifically about an article in Flare magazine I had read about gift-giving.  The author used research from "Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending".  I found their messages intriguing and wanted to share but obviously didn't express myself well if it was taken as an attack.  Here's a couple of Youtube videos that may make the concept clearer.

In my defence, I would like to say two things.  The quote I had added to my post was directly from NBC News and they are all incidents from 2013 and can all be "googled" individually but here is a link to NBC's website.

And secondly, if you think Canadians think they are "superior" to Americans, you haven't been watching late night TV in the States.  Just "google"  Rob Ford. Trust me, we are no better or worse...people are people.  Please feel free to contact me directly if you'd like to talk.



  1. So sorry this happened to you Julie! I just think that someone who this strong of an opinion should sign their name. I think to do it anonymously is very unfair.


  2. Thanks Judy - I'm not upset by it but yes, I do wish people would sign their name. Hopefully the person will come back on my blog and see my apology to her/him. Have a nice weekend! J

  3. Hi Julie. I'm sorry someone misinterpreted your post. The message I got was that the holidays have become too commercialized and the feeding frenzy to get to the stores for a "deal" (which is all about the stores making money and not about us getting said "deal") is getting out of hand. This year a lot of the stores were opening for Black Friday on Thanksgiving night already. That's crazy. My Gosh, let people stay home and enjoy some family time instead of dragging someone in to work. Cripes.

  4. Hey Kim - I so agree with you about opening on Thanksgiving. I used to work retail (and this is dating me) but I worked when stores weren't open on Sundays. You got up and went to church with the family and then had the rest of the day. I think people have to work so much more now and family life suffers. I know we didn't have much money or stuff growing up but we were happy. Unfortunately there are so many expensive things you have to have now. You have to get your child a computer. I'm not sure they could function in school without them but if they tried it would put them at a big disadvantage. J

  5. Dear Julie. You dud. Itching wrong. I am from the USA and did. It take offense at anything you said or posted.
    Some people are just angry people and take offense at everything. We don't all feel that way.
    I enjoyed that post. From one of your USA friends.....

  6. Thanks Patricia...I didn't mean to offend any of my US readers and friends. I'm glad not everyone took it the wrong way. I have family living in the States and have visited many times. In fact, I went for a shopping weekend this year and can't wait for the next one but would never go a big holiday sale (too many people).

  7. Don't worry about it Julie. Anyone who has that strong of an opinion should be willing to sign their name or they are just a coward. There are strong feelings here both ways about stores being open now on Thanksgiving. I, personally, am against it. Is nothing sacred anymore? Much good is done at the Christmas season, but greed also abounds. There is much to be said in defense of both sides, and last I heard, both the US and Canada still had free speech.

  8. Thanks least I didn't inadvertently offend a whole country....j

  9. Hi Julie,

    Just went and read your Friday post and honestly, I cannot find anything offensive about it. It is, as you said, a post about shopping frenzy, greed and rude behaviour among deal hunters, and the act of gift-giving. That's all. Yes, your examples happened to be from the States, which you got from American sources, but that's just honest reporting.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and hope that your tree stays put!


  10. Thanks far Eilish has only taken nibbles of the needles. She's ignoring the lights and decorations completely so I'm crossing my fingers! J

  11. Hi Julie - I just read your Friday post too, and coming from an American (oh, wait...I was a Canadian citizen until I was 16!), I have to say that there was nothing offensive about your post at all. I think that some people have a chip on their shoulder and are "angry at the world" and just don't have anything nice to say sometimes. I'm really sorry that happened to you. You're a very nice person to apologize and offer your explanation.


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