November 05, 2013

Keeping It Real

I was reading Claudia's post yesterday Decorating is Not a Competitive Sport and the mists cleared. Sometimes reading that wonderful girl's blog is better than therapy (thanks Claudia).

I've been sitting here each evening thinking about posting a blog and I feel creatively stunted. None of the pictures I've taken look "good enough" (I'm a terrible photographer and always have been) and the rooms I am decorating aren't "finished". Even then, will anyone be interested?  I know I'm suffering from some depression.  It happens every fall which seems strange because I love autumn and things are working out for me personally so I should be happy, right? Not so much...

But after reading Claudia's wise words, I came back to reality.  I'm not competing with anyone else.  I love all the blogs with perfect colour co-ordinated rooms and cheery messages and everything painted white and creative vignettes everywhere, but I wouldn't actually want to live that way.  I want to be comfortable.  I want to put my feet up and honestly, a little mess and clutter doesn't bother me at all.  I'll get to it... someday.  No sense of urgency here.  Fun and friends will always take precedence over housework.

So here you.  Some shots of my dining room right now in all its' unfinished glory...

This is the view of the new dining room, standing in the kitchen doorway.  It is an overcast day and this room is quite dark right now.  Just a tiny light fixture but I'm replacing it with a great chandelier that I bought from Kijiji.  Just need to make a date with the electrician.  I'm still trying to decide about a rug - yes or no?  What do you think?  The wall colour is Farrow and Ball's Lulworth Blue...a clean mid-tone Regency blue.

The drapes are from Ikea and I LOVE them...

The smaller window is getting a roller blind that I will cover with the Ikat fabric below.  I love the way it works with the Ikea print and the grey helps bring in my kitchen decor.

My next project will be dressing the bar cart...

Here's some of the things I will use...

To the right of the window, I have put up my plate rack. The red transferware plates go back into the cupboard...

I'm happy with the bottom plate...

and the one on top (it's Ralph Lauren)...

but the one in the middle is temporary.  It is one of my china dinner plates Royal Albert Memory Lane. When I find the right plate, back to the china cabinet it goes.

The bookcases just inside the door need a lot of work but I'm a bit disheartened.  I really wanted to paint them white and distress them.  It would make such a difference but the thought of it really upset my mother (who lives with me).  Not painting them really upsets me but it is what it is.  I have to say that my mother gets very stressed out when I am trying to renovate and redo and reupholster.  It's unfortunate and I do try to do things quickly and keep the mess to a minimum but I have to change things.  I always have...even as a kid, I would move the furniture around my room regularly.  I would "shop" the house and change things up constantly.

When my house is almost "done", I start planning another room to change.  I'm always amazed on real estate shows when people say they've never painted the house they are selling.  The colours on the walls were there when they moved in?!?  I've lived in my house for 13 years and I've changed my bedroom four times!

Today has been a good day.  I cleaned out the shed and put away all the outdoor furniture.  It's getting cold here and I'm behind schedule.  Some laundry got done and dinner is in the oven.  A nice autumn meal - ribs, twice baked potatoes, kale salad and warm apple crisp with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

By the way, I'm watching the news here right now.  Watching Rob Ford the mayor of Toronto admitting to using crack cocaine and apologising.  Too little, too late.  I'm so sick of this buffoon who has besmirched the good name of Toronto all over the world. Sounds like he's not stepping down.  We have some pretty terrible politicians at all levels running Canada right now.  I love my country and I never want to live anywhere else but it's hard to watch these people destroying the reputation of this great country. Next up, the Senate scandal.....



  1. Julie - Your home is beautiful and so inviting. Some of the houses on the blogs - I would be afraid to even visit them. They are so pristine and just don't look lived in. I think I would be very comfortable visiting in your lovely home. And don't get me started on politics!!


  2. You're too hard on yourself. Your dining room is beautiful and I love the color of the walls. And I love your idea for that blind.

    If you want to see a messy, lived in house, come visit mine. LOL!! OMG - decorators would shudder at my sense of décor, but who cares? I'M happy and that's really all that matters.

  3. Julie the dining room looks fantastic - your sense of design shows in every choice you make. Your home is lovely and inviting which is the best result you can get. It is too bad that your Mom does not share your excitement and desire to change things up but I think she is proud in the end of the house you share even if she drives you bonkers at times - Sandy

  4. I think it's sweet that you don't make a change that you know is upsetting to your mom. That's a very good daughter to put aside her own wishes for her mom. The dining room is lovely and there's no need to compare it to anyone else's.

  5. Your dining room is very nice! And if you have to hold back on painting shelves so as not to upset your mom, but you want white there...perhaps a white lace or crochet piece or runner on top'll get a bit of what you want but keep her happy too.

    I like the dining room alot...the flooring looks nice. An area rug would not look bad under the table; if you go in that direction I'll tell you a little story. I picked one out last year at Home Depot and delivery would have been 65.00. What !! I live 5 miles from the local store. Same rug, ordered online...FREE delivery. Go figure :)


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