November 06, 2013

Meet "Stick"

When I went to the garden show in the spring, I bought a plant.  Well actually a small branch that when planted (after following many convoluted instructions and procedures) was supposed to root and grow...lots of leaves and pretty flowers and turn into a tree.  It should look like one of these.  (From E-bay- thaiperfect_gems)

Most of the summer, it was a just a stick, no leaves...nothing.  We affectionately call it "stick".  We say "looks like nothing is happening with Stick but he hasn't died so that's good news".  Finally we got to say that "Stick is finally growing.  Look at all the little leaves starting".  Then we worriedly watched as Stick lost his leaves. Now I've brought Stick in the house.

Poor Stick.  We're not sure if he's going to make it but I'm going to repot him this week in some nice fresh soil.  Hopefully that will help.



  1. Hello Stick, nice to meet you, finally you are growing, yay!!!!! blessings Francine.

  2. Stick looks interesting. Hope you enjoy the inside and thrive and grow and possible even bloom.

  3. You never know with plants. Maybe it will do better with fresh soil.


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