November 18, 2013

Random Thoughts on a Monday Night

I was hoping to have some dinner pictures to share with you from my Chinese dinner on Saturday but with three dishes in the oven and four woks on the go, I didn't have enough hands to stir and take pictures.  My niece sent a camera shot of her plate...

I did take some pictures of the dining room before dinner.  I was able to set up three tables and seat 16 for the meal.  After I was reading Brenda's post, I thought I'd share my little bistro too.

Can't wait to get my chandelier installed.  This room is quite dark without lamps.

Two romantic tables for four in my dining room.  My lovely nieces, Morgan and Britt brought their boyfriends.  My niece Allyson and her new boyfriend, Dave and my nephew, Eric and his lovely Sable sat at the other table.  That girl, Sable is a keeper!  She washed the dishes after dinner.  I don't have a dishwasher and hate washing dishes so she was much appreciated as was my brother, Howie for drying.  It was funny listening to Howie and Connie's (my big sis) stories.  I think the kids were a little surprised at some of them.  Things really have changed in the last 50 years since they were kids.

We all had a great time and it was the first big dinner I hosted in my new dining room.  Everyone approved and it was nice to be able to seat so many, so comfortably.  I'm loving the blue and white and with a few more touches, it will be done!

Do you like my new jug?  I saw this white cable knit jug in the grocery ad and just had to add it to the shopping list ;). I just love it!

My brain's been busy the last few days.  Dinner for 16, grocery shopping, laundry; oh and planting tulips this weekend.  I've never planted them so late.  Hopefully I won't lose my yearly battle with the squirrels.  I also got my paperwhites and amaryllis potted up. That is one of my favourite things every Christmas.

Today was a great day!  I hosted Rummycube today.  Every Monday afternoon, I get together with 3 girlfriends and play this game for the afternoon.  We take turns hosting...a little lunch, a couple of spritzers and a whole lot of laughs.  Girlfriends are the best.

I got great news today.  My friend, Heather became a Grandma today!  I need to finish her quilt now that I know Iyla's birthdate.  She must be feeling jubilant and joyous!

Tomorrow, I need to make some chili sauce and get those tomatoes out of the freezer.  It's just too packed and we need to get eating out of the freezer so I'll have room for Christmas cookies.

Some personal decisions about my future and my life are weighing on my mind but I'm not ready to talk about those right now.  They are still keeping me awake at night but I'm working through the issues.

Finally I need to say that I am terribly preoccupied and excited by Christmas this year.  Not the presents, but the decor and spending quiet time with friends and family.  I plan on taking December off.  Really relaxing, lots of books and magazines, tea and hot chocolate, homemade goodies, some handmade gifts and no pressure.  No big parties are planned. I'm hoping for spontaneous joy instead.  Slow walks in the snow and the smell of pine wafting through the house.  I wonder how Eilish will react to her first Christmas.  
My friend, Rose's tree last year
I also have a trip planned to Port Perry this week.  I'll take pictures to share with you.  I went to Toronto with the girls a little over a week ago.  I'll download those pictures soon and show you how beautiful the stores are looking in their Christmas finery.  It gets me very excited to see all the glitter and the lights.  I'm ready to start pulling the decorations out now.



  1. Beautiful dining room Julie! Trevor & Sharon

  2. Your dining room is gorgeous! The plate of food looked amazing!!

    I'm praying for you to find peace and make a wise decision.


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