November 15, 2013

Frugal Friday #13 - Party at Home

Make the location of your next celebration your own home sweet home.  Better yet, make it a potluck and at least in my family, people bring their own beverages to share as well.  Instead of celebrating in a restaurant or bar where the price tag can add up quickly, we have cosy dinners at home for family and friends.  Almost everything is made from scratch as well so that saves too.  We find it much nicer than going out - comfortable, familiar and everyone can be included regardless of their means.

I come from a family of cooks so we consider it fun to try out new foods and recipes but there are a lot of very simple things you can make.  Master a dish everyone likes and make it your specialty.

Tomorrow night we are having a Chinese themed dinner to celebrate my sister Connie's birthday, C and B's 40th anniversary and H and M's 40th anniversary.  Today I'm doing some prep - chopping, cooking rice, and marinating beef.

Sorry no pictures today but I'm busy cooking and tidying the house.  I was planning on making my own egg rolls (which would have been cheaper) and I was going to post those pictures but I couldn't get all the ingredients I needed.  I will post some pictures after the party.

Instead I went to our tiny Chinese grocery and picked up some of Mrs. Minh's homemade spring rolls and pork wontons.  I did have to spend about twice as much but I didn't have to spend hours making them.


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