January 27, 2012

The Finish Line is in Sight

Swag light from Ikea
This is one of the swags I bought from Ikea for my office/sewing room.  I finally decided today where the desk was going so I could hang it.  It's so beautiful - it just makes me smile.

This my old Ikea bookcase painted red.  I mostly have put my magazines on it.  You might think I have a lot of magazines but this doesn't include my Martha Stewart collection or the 130 that I got rid of...

See the box on the second shelf?  It was actually a Royal Doulton figurine box that I was throwing out when I realized the bottom was black.  I used leftover wallpaper on the top and now I have a sturdy storage box for $0.

The wild zebra box on the top shelf came from Homesense.  Finally, I have started painting my old cabinet that I got for $50.  Hopefully, I will get it finished tomorrow.

The inside top was painted with Sarah Richardson's Escarpment paint leftover from my kitchen.  The outside will be white.  I wanted the inside to be different but not too much.  I will eventually paint the inside bottom too but right now I'm on a deadline - returning to work on Monday.  I'm still mulling over the possibility of distressing the cabinet.  Am I brave enough?

What's left to do?  Some housekeeping of the built-in bookshelves, getting the table for my sewing machine, hanging the other swag light, sewing drapes and painting and covering a bulletin board...wish me luck.



  1. You go girl.... before you know it you will have one awesome room.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving that lovely compliment.

  2. Good luck getting it wll wrapped up and ready to work in. So far it looks great. I love the swag lamp, it's one of my Ikea favorites. I only wish I had a need for one.

  3. Hello, and pleased to meet you :D Thank's for dropping by at knitsofacto :)

    I just LOVE this red flowery wallpaper!


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