January 19, 2012

organizing sewing supplies

I was working on the office/sewing room today.  I don't really have anything wonderful to show you tonight.  I spent the day measuring and painting trim, and I painted the metal frame of my ugly window (the same black as the kitchen railing).  Later I will add some opaque film to the window and I have some lovely sheer fabric to make drapes.  I also put a white plastic trim around the window to protect the wallpapered edge.

But on one of my many breaks, I decided to clean out my box of sewing supplies.  I bought a pretty black and white case to hold most of it.  I also got some plastic boxes with red lids to store thread.  There's a Crown jar for my buttons.  I was also thrilled to find an very old pair of scissors I bought ages ago and my Mom's old tomato pin cushion.  Are you old enough to remember these?  I took pictures of this vignette for you...

Tomorrow I'll be able to show you the room with baseboards finished (fingers crossed).  Good night - sleep tight...


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  1. Doesn't it feel like you've really accomplished something when you have organized an area? I remember the tomato pin cushions and think I had one. The pin cushion I have now I made when I was 18 and just starting a job in a tailor shop.


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