January 14, 2012

Update on Office - working on the floor

Hi all - I have been working on the office and have almost completed the flooring.  I had to run out today and buy a few more tiles.  Originally I was only going to tile around the edges as I have a rug that almost fits the room.  Then I started the peel and stick tiles and I loved the look so much that I decided to do the whole floor.  I'm probably going to forget about the rug now.  I'll show you the pictures but it really didn't photograph well.  I'm not sure if this is because I took it in the evening or if the photo just shows the flaws more clearly ;).  I have to say that the floor is in terrible shape - very bumpy and the room is definitely not square!  Anyways enough excuses...

I also painted the "baseboards" white.  I didn't want to spend any money on this so I used some old cottage-grade tongue in groove panelling and painted them white.

First piece of trim installed and don't worry, I'll  be ripping up those tiles closest to wall and redoing them!
Tomorrow I'm hoping to get an early start and finish the floor and trim.  Then I can start replacing the furniture and clean up my basement.  It's an awful mess and you can barely move!  Soon I'll get to the fun stuff...



  1. The floor tiles look great. I can hardly wait to see the finished room. The "trim" was a terrific idea. Just wondering about the size of this room.

  2. Hi Maddy - the room is 13' by 8' - not including the wall of bookcases and cabinets - that is another foot so 13 by 9. It used to be a bigger room but I moved the wall a while ago. I use the basement bedroom for myself as it's the largest and the extra footage I took from the office increased my closet :). I'll be redecorating this room in the future as well.


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