January 09, 2012

Office Part 2

Well I'm going to post pictures but you won't be impressed yet.  I have painted the ceiling with Pencil Point from my kitchen and the walls have now been done with Contractor's White (horrible name - don't know why Benjamin Moore changed it from Decorator's White!).  The wall with the window only got one coat because I am going to wallpaper it.  That will be a challenge with all those pipes...

I was at Home Depot today and I bought a quart of Behr's Cherry Cobbler for painting furniture.  I got a new black knob for the door and thin cove moulding to tack up at the top of the wall for a cleaner look.   The ceiling is very old and uneven but I have had the room insulated and drywalled.  I'm so excited about this room and I can't wait to get to the point of doing the "pretty things".



  1. Hi Julie,
    I saw a comment by you on another site that I follow and decided to pay you a visit. I've just finished reading and looking at your photos from the beginning of this blog and am very impressed with all you've done and your sense of color and design. Your home is lovely and you've done a wonderful job of documenting. I'll be back to see the rest of this wonderful work in progress.
    Your new follower,

  2. Thanks Maddy - I'm just taking a break from wallpapering the office right now. I'll post that tonight and then it's on to the floor and trim!


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