January 22, 2012

working on this and that....

Don't you just love toile?
I thought I'd show you a pretty picture before the boring and nasty ones...

I haven't posted in a while but I have been working hard.  I've just been too tired at the end of the day to do much.  The last time I was on here, I was doing the baseboards and promised pictures so here they are...

I haven't installed the cove moulding yet but I have got it painted...my patio table was perfect to use as a work bench.  The trim was held in the slots so I could paint quickly, but the poor table really needs a makeover (sigh).

I've been doing so much painting lately that my drop cloth has started to look like a Jackson Pollack painting.

I'm painting my old IKEA bookcase RED.  I'm sure you've noticed it sitting in the middle of all my pictures.

and I'm still working on the old step stool for the kitchen...

OK - so the boring pictures are over and now for the nasty!

Ok this ugly duckling of a room is starting to become a swan...

Finn likes the new chair too!

Bye for  now.  I'm heading back to give the shelves another coat of paint.  Oh wait, I forgot to tell you that I bought a great old china cabinet today.  I'm sooo excited.  I got it on Kijiji for $50 (thanks Cheryl).  Picture it painted white and filled with my sewing supplies.


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  1. Looks like you have been busy and getting a lot accomplished. I love the way the chair turned out. The cabinet will look wonderful painted white and is certainly a great find. Your sewing room is really comeing together wonderfully.


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