March 02, 2013

Col. Chris Hadfield

One of my favourite things this year has been following Col. Chris Hadfield's mission on the International Space Station on Facebook.  He will be taking over as Commander soon.  I've never been someone who was interested in space.  I didn't grow up wanting to be an astronaut.  In fact, until Chris, I never really thought twice about space.  Maybe it's because he is Canadian, maybe it is his personality (he is so humble and genuine and just an all-round good guy) or maybe it's the fact that he is a great communicator who can use social media to inform and instruct but he has me mesmerized with following the mission.  I wake up in the morning and turn on my Facebook to see what Chris is up to.  Maybe find out what he had for breakfast, what's on the agenda for today and see what he sees from the vastness of space.  Today he posted some pictures of Newfoundland.

Stunning to see "The Rock" just below the horizon.  He spends time with school children, answering their questions and igniting their interest in the earth and space beyond.  He visits with the media and through them with us in such a comfortable, sitting around the kitchen table way.  I love to catch a broadcast on the NASA channel.  Seeing the earth from this new perspective has triggered an unexpected interest and an almost motherly feeling towards the planet.  I felt I was environmentally aware before but now I view the earth as a living, breathing being.  This is why following Col. Chris Hadfield is one of my favourite things and so I'm joining Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage for her blog party today.  Maybe someone else out there will discover a new interest too.  Here's a picture of my city....maybe you can find yours too.

So my last stop before bedtime is another Facebook check to see the last thing Chris saw for the day.



  1. Awesome post. I am like you too, never use to give space to much thought, but I now follow NASA on twitter and can't get enough! Thank you for sharing this info. Diane

  2. Wow. Those photos are stunning. I can see why you've begun to be enthralled with his adventures in space!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week, Julie.


  3. Thanks for sharing. I will have to look in on Col. Hadfield from time to time. I find that I too am more interested in space now as technology has brought it closer to us with photos such as the ones you've posted here.

  4. Gosh, you've reminded me of a time when I was following one of the later Apollo missions as a kid! No idea which one. Just like you I wanted a daily update but back then you had to read a newspaper to get it!

    Seeing the world from space is ceaselessly fascinating, isn't it? :)


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