March 05, 2013

My First Scarf

Today I finally finished my first scarf.  It felt so nice to finally complete a project.  I've spent a lot of time lately starting things that I haven't finished.  That's a bad trait of mine that I'm hoping to correct.

It was a beautiful sunny day here and I spent most of it in my sunroom.  The melting snow almost sounded like rain on the roof.

I crocheted a little edging onto my knitted scarf.  Just the garter stitch but I'm starting to feel a little confident.  I may just be able to become a knitter after all.

I also found time between stitches to make some banana bread  (recipe here) and stop for a tea break.

I must get over to Shawna's this week and give this scarf to my great-niece, little Miss Hannah before all the snow goes away.



  1. I really like the colors in the first one - so bright. It turned out great!

  2. Well done on the scarf, bet you will be making another soon. That is such a pretty teacup with yummy banana bread.

  3. Hi Julie,
    Good for you! It looks beautiful, love the colours.
    Your great-niece will be so pleased to wear it!
    So, what is the next project you are going to tackle?
    Have a great day!
    All the Best,

  4. Morning Julie, love the scarf and those colors are so pretty......great job, Francine.


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