March 03, 2013

PJ Party

I am joining Claudia's PJ Party at Mockingbird Hill Cottage and this is my second  PJ party since Friday.  Crazy eh?  Haven't been to a PJ party in over 30 years and all of the sudden, they are all the rage again.  I don't have any pictures from Friday night at Linda's house.  A roomful of women mostly 50+ for some reason did not want their pictures taken.  Go figure.  Instead of dancing around, watching movies and eating junk food---we sat around drinking wine, eating junk food and laughing so hard we almost....Anyways, we were celebrating Linda's birthday but she didn't want all that attention so we ate birthday cake in honour of Justin Bieber's 19th birthday!

I love pajamas, nightgowns or anything else that qualifies as bedtime apparel (as long as it is comfy - I am not a Victoria's Secret girl).  In fact, I probably own more jammies than regular clothes.  Working as a teleworker, pjs are actually my work uniform.  I spend most of my days in them unless I am leaving the house.  Above is a selection of half of my winter pjs.  I own a much larger selection of summer ones.

Here are my favourite Christmas ones - Merry Kiss*Mas and here's Lucy cuddling on them.

Such a ham.   I say her name and she rolls over.  She doesn't even look comfortable but she sees the camera in my hand and she freezes for a picture.  She loves having her picture taken.  Finn on the other hand...

Don't make eye contact!  Don't make eye contact!

Claudia asks if we've had any adventures in our pjs.  I don't know about adventures but this winter I did see Finn being attacked by a cat one street over and I dashed out of the house and jumped in my car and drove around the block and rescued him...all in pajamas and slippers.  Needs must...I also bought our work group's lottery tickets at the corner store on Friday night when I was heading to my pj party in my pjs.  Of course, the store was absolutely packed with men buying cigarettes and lottery tickets while I stood there in my jammies.  You would of thought I had curlers in my hair, they way they looked - ha!

so disinterested
My favourite pjs of all time were actually a nightgown made of an Ibex flannel blanket from a company called "Nights in White Flannel".  Love their name.  I must order another nightgown for next year.  It was so comfy and washed beautifully.  It just seemed to get softer every wash.  So much fabric that you could wrap your legs up in the skirt like a cocoon and the best part?  very large pockets!  When you are wearing it around the house for long periods of awake time, large pockets are a must for carrying your phone, your book, etc.  Here's a picture from their website (note - I have no financial interest in this recommendation).

And finally, Claudia has inspired me to be brave and show a picture of myself wearing pjs.  This is a warning if you want to stop reading now (the poor postman didn't have that choice!).



  1. I like the ones with the little scottie dogs on them! Great pic of you in your jammies!

  2. I love all your PJ's! I a nightgown girl myself! Still I think I'll get a set of flannel pj's for around the house!


  3. I love any kind of pjs, nightgowns, etc. too! I also have almost as many pjs as regular clothes. :o) I'll have too look into that company you mentioned as their nightgown sounds so cozy.

    Love the picture of Lucy...too cute. Thanks for sharing your photo. You look so comfy and cozy in your jammies. :o)

  4. You have quite the extensive wardrobe of pjs and nightgowns! You have the perfect life, my friend - teleworking. Oh how wonderful because you can be at home and in your pjs! Love your adventures in pjs! I would have loved to see the looks on those faces as you bought lottery tickets - don't they realize that you're probably more covered up than you would be in some other form of clothing?

    Thanks so much for being brave and posting your photo. You look beautiful - relaxed, happy and in your pjs.

    Thanks so, so much for joining in on the party.


  5. Fun photos! What cute kitties!

  6. Justin Bieber! Are you kidding? ;-) I'm still smiling .... I was in a ski camp last week and we laughed a lot too, but not in our pyjis unfortunately. I love your post and of course I read all of it and saw all the pictures. :-) Have a nice day! Regula

  7. I loved this post because now I know I'm not the only one who has more pjs than day clothes. I wear mine the better part of every day and sometime go days without wearing anything else. I've yet to go out in public in them but who knows? It could happen.

  8. Isn't Claudia's PJ party fun? Your jammies are all so cute and I enjoyed hearing your stories, too. I'm a cat lover also, so it was fun to see the pictures of your kitties. That Lucy is so funny! I see you're from Peterborough, Ontario. I was born in Etobicoke, though me and my parents moved to the States when I was only 3 months old. My dad was from Kitchener. I have friends and relatives in Guelph and Burlington. Hope you come over (in your PJ's!) and pay me a visit on my blog, too. :-)

  9. A PJ party sounds like so much fun! I had so much fun in high school with slumber parties! Course, I was from a family of four girls so every weekend, one of us had others over to stay all night. So, it brings back good memories. (But, I don't do flannel).


  10. The party on Friday sounds like a HOOT! My friends and I keep threatening to have a sleepover and it sounds like a great idea.

  11. Wonderful kitties! Our cats are presently trying to go to Switzerland in DH's suitcase that he's packing.... No flannel in there.

  12. You rock girl. Kitties, PJ's and a photo!!

    I am not a Pj kind of girl, but if I was, warm flannel ones would be great.



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