March 31, 2013

It was soooooo Chickadelic

Finally I got my Miss Mustardseed paint on Saturday.  I know I've mentioned a few times (probably too many) that I wanted to get Miss Mustardseed paint.  I've been following Marian's blog forever and have been wanting to try milk paint on some of my furniture finds but wanted to use Miss Mustardseed paint.  So I waited until her line was available and then I started to research stores that would be close to me.  Well, I found a wonderful, about to born store called Chickadelic.

So I joined Kerry's Facebook and website and found heaven.  As I read about her work to turn her dream into a store, I knew I was going to buy my paint from her.  If I was lucky enough (or brave enough) to own a store, I knew it would be just like Chickadelic.  So my friends, Linda and Cindi and I planned a road trip for the grand opening April 6th.

It is located in the quaint little town of Stirling just over an hour from Peterborough.  I was so excited about going.  Then we got the opportunity to go to a "soft opening" yesterday and we all made arrangements lickety split to take that road trip a week early.  Well, the store was everything I expected it to be!  So it has become my new favourite thing and I'm joining Claudia's party over at Mockingbird Hill Cottage.

Here's a little collage of the front window - so bright and funky and vintagey and well, just so Chickadelic!

We walked in and introduced ourselves to the lovely Kerry.  Look at the gorgeous little shopping baskets just inside the door.  There are sweet thoughtful little touches like this all over the store.  But if the store gets as popular as I predict it will, Kerry might just have to get shopping carts instead of baskets...

Two views - the first from the front door and the second from the "back door".  In the first picture, those lovely ladies are my friends, Linda and Cindi. In the second picture, that's Kerry at the sales desk and did you see the tutus.  Darling little girl tutus...

A collage of store views.  I have fallen in love with those purple chairs.  They would be perfect for the living room redecoration I'm planning (I know, I know - I haven't finished my bedroom yet but I can't stop planning.  It's a disease). I bought a spool of that red and white baker's twine.  I think I'm going to use some to hang up Claudia's crocheted flower garland.It would be perfect.  And those gorgeous glass solar lights (hanging just over the mannequin right shoulder).  I need one of those...

Don't you love the bunting??  I now feel the need to hang bunting in my bedroom.  See the wire bust?  I have one of those.  Maybe I should hang it in my bedroom with a frame around it.  So many ideas, so little wall space....

Look at that old tin ceiling.  Wouldn't you love to have that in your house?  Do you have that in your house?  There was so much to see and I wanted to buy everything. I showed excellent restraint and only came home with one shopping bag of goodies ;)   but I know I'll be there again soon.

And for me, here was the most exciting part of the trip - Miss Mustardseed paint!

So many lovely colours!  I already knew that I wanted Mustardseed for the buffet in my sunroom but I couldn't stop at just one and picked up Luckett's Green too.

Can't wait to roll up my sleeves!  I'll have to watch the tutorials on-line before I start (and I guess I better finish my bedroom too).

Now dear reader, let me take you into the back room (wink, wink).  That's where the action is!

Sooo cool!  This is where Kerry is going to hold workshops and demonstrations.  She calls them "hen parties".  Don't you love it!

Old, new, recycled, upcycled, restored, renewed...Kerry has it all.  If you are ever in southern Ontario, make plans to stop at won't be sorry you did.  It just might become your new favourite thing too.


Oh BTW I had to buy this magnet for my fridge, this is my new mantra....


  1. Would have loved to have gone shopping with you all! Looks like so much fun!


  2. Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, I didn't know about this store and I'm only about 20 minutes away from Stirling. I must go up there and visit soon. Thanks for posting about it.

  3. Loved the look of the store and I'm so glad you shared it!

  4. Looks like a terrific store!!! I'm lucky enough to have a similar store about half an hour away where I get chalk paint, but she doesn't carry MMS YET.

    Thanks for visiting my little blog project - you'll love the Luckett's Green no matter what you choose to paint.

  5. What a lovely visit. Loved seeing the Chickadelic, and MMS paint so close to your home.

  6. Oh what fun, I so want to be there in that store...but I guess it would be quite the drive for me.

    Love it.


  7. That is one really inspiring store!

  8. What fun!!!' I wish ai lived closer! I would love a shop like that!


  9. Oh goodness, for some reason I missed this post last week, Julie! Forgive me. The new shop is wonderful - you must be thrilled! I am now wishing I used Milk Paint instead of Chalk paint on my furniture. Darn! Cannot wait to see how it turns out, my friend.



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