March 29, 2013

The Closet is Complete!

To keep you updated on the progress in my bedroom...all the walls and trim are painted except for the door.  I decided to wait and do that after I bring all the stuff back in.  There's a little touch up but I'm pretty happy with the results so far.

My closet floor is pretty rough.  I had already laid carpet when I decided to have the wall pushed out a foot so I could build a closet.  This basement bedroom was originally a TV room so I needed to make some adjustments.

You can see a portion of cement floor which actually hasn't bothered me but after painting the room, I felt I should do something.  I bought $6.25 of peel and stick tile from the buck store and covered the cement.  Lucy thinks it looks better.  She likes to assist any project.

Here's some pictures of the finished closet...

And now you need to use some imagination.   Pretend these drapes are pressed and hemmed to the correct length.



  1. Oh Julie - your closet is fantastic! I am so envious!


    1. That turned out really great - you did good!

  2. I'm a wee bit jealous!


  3. You have got so much done and it looks great!!! I am hoping this spurs me on in my project ( the one I have not started yet)


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