March 27, 2013

Pay It Forward

Wow I can't believe I have neglected you for two weeks.  I was taking a little break from life but time flew.  I'll take a minute before I get ready for my knitting circle tonight to catch you up on a few things. I received an Etsy order from Claudia.  You know who Claudia is...she's famous.  (Just in case you've been asleep at the wheel, I included a link.  Claudia has one of the best blogs around.  I don't know what I'd do if she disappeared for 2 weeks without a peep.  Search and Rescue, the Coast Guard...something, I can tell you.  I count on Claudia's post every day.  It's like food and water.  Trust me.  Add her to your list if she isn't already there!)

Here's what she made for me.  Sorry for the bad picture but I'll be taking another when it's in place.  I have big plans for this little garland.

What's this you ask?  I did too when it arrived on the doorstep yesterday.  My Mom said "Have you ordered something else?  You know you're supposed to  be on a budget!"  I had to say "I'm not sure" as I guiltily (is that even a word, Julie?) search my faulty memory.  I opened it up and I saw all the lovely things and think I didn't order it but whoever did has excellent taste.  The sweetest smelling soap, a gorgeous Royal Crown Derby cup and saucer, the cutest little flower box and a beautiful embroidered tea towel. Hmmmm.  Then I get to the card and all becomes clear...this package is from my lovely Facebook friend, Sharon.  She posted this on her Facebook page early in the year...

"2013 creative pay it forward. The first five people to comment on my status will receive, from me, sometime in the next calendar year a gift- not sure what it will be- but it will be a surprise!

There will likely be no warning and it will happen whenever the mood strikes me!
The catch? Those five people must make the same offer on their FB status.
We need more good in this world. Pass it on...."

Well of course I joined in immediately and it was a very lovely surprise at a time when I really needed a little pick me up.  Now I need to get moving on mine.  I have one started already....;)

words of wisdom
betcha wanted to know what was in the box
Finally I promised I'd keep you up to date on my bedroom decorating....well step one is finished.  The walls and ceiling have been painted 3 times (Behr  paint and primer in one didn't perform quite up to expectations but it's finally covered Martha Stewart's sage green).  Tomorrow I start the trim...

My partner in crime reviewing the results of our work.  She never leaves my side when I am painting.  No matter how loud the music is or how much off key I sing!  At least, she is very dainty and nary a toe is dipped in wet paint.  Finn on the other hand skedaddles away as soon as the paint tins come out.  Good boy!  Have a nice day,



  1. What a pleasant surprise to receive all of those goodies - especially when you weren't expecting them! They are lovely. I too, have one of Claudia's garlands and love it.

    Glad you're getting your painting done. I'm getting ready to start on my on May lst.


  2. What a fun surprise. How nice to receive that.

  3. Blog buddies are the best! Just like you did for me when you did. The best bunch I've ever had occasion to know.

  4. Evening, how great, love this blogging community......beautiful, Easter Blessings Francine.

  5. Ah, what a nice surprise to see the garland here in your post! And what an amazing surprise from your friend. Nothing nicer than getting something out of the blue, and such a lovely gift it is. You deserve it all, my friend.


  6. Claudia always makes beautiful things. And your surprise gift was lovely. What a special day!


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