January 10, 2012

Office/Sewing Room - Wallpaper!!!!!!

This is the window wall in my office.  I wallpapered it today and I'm so happy!  I love it even though it is far from perfect.  The wall is really not square and the drywall is quite rough and uneven.  Fitting wallpaper around the pipes was a nightmare.  I tried patching some of the holes but the wallpaper didn't want to stick to the patched parts.  In order to make it easier, I pieced the wallpaper around the pipes on the right of the window.  I'm going to buy a glue stick when I am out tomorrow to fix some of the paper around the pipes and I'm going to buy the clear plastic doorway trim for wallpaper and put it around the window.

The first strip goes up
Fitting the wallpaper around the window
Curse those pipes!
I will look up the pattern and the cost later and add it here...Hi again, it is a Blue Mountain wallcovering - no name but stock number is BC1582028 and it costs $30 a single roll.  Of course, they only come in double rolls and I needed 2 singles and a little bit.  I had to buy 2 double rolls so I'll have to come up with some creative ways of using the rest of the paper.

I can't wait to get the "bones" of the room done so I can play.  I have the floor and trim to finish and then I am playing - lots of crafting projects for this room.  I'll make sure to show you the before and afters.  Talk to you later...



  1. Julie i noticed your comment on lemon lane cottage. We do have romantic homes mag here in Canada. I picked mine up at Loblaws.

  2. Julie, I love your choice of wallpaper. It's bold and works well in this space. I have a question for you concerning the pipes. Have you given any thought to building a soffet to hide them? One can be built inexspensively and if you're concerned about access to the pipes the bottom of the soffet can be made with removable ceiling tiles. I tried this with a basement room once and loved getting those pipes out of sight. Looking forward to your next installment.

  3. thanks Linda - I'll check my local Superstore for magazine - love your blog - will go through later tonight when I have a few minutes. J

  4. Thanks Maddy - I did think about covering the pipes but it would make the room look so small. It's a basement room and only has 7 foot ceilings. The pipes take up almost a third of the ceiling space and drop down a good foot. I'm hoping the dark ceiling makes the dark pipes less noticeable and the white walls help the white pipes to disappear. Also, this room will only be used by me as I work from home and have sensitive information from my employer in this room. So for those reasons, I decided against drywalling them in. Thanks for your interest and suggestions - always appreciated, Julie

  5. Hi Julie, thanks for stopping by today. Quilting is a passion of mine, but I took a year off so I could focus on my decorating and antiquing.
    With my grandsons new bed it gave my the get go I needed. By the way,
    I just subscribed to Romantic Homes Mag. WHOOO hooo. They deliver to Canada.


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