August 31, 2013

Frugal Friday #2 - Grow Something

Experiencing computer problems.  Arghhhh  have I told you lately how much I hate Windows 8?

Anyways, rant over and onto a late frugal Friday.  Good advice?  Grow something.

Whether you have a sunny windowsill in your apartment or acres of rich soil, grow something.  Anything!

Even if you just have a few herbs on your windowsill, you have the sense of accomplishment gained from growing your own food.  If you are able to plant a vegetable garden, you can save some money by eating homegrown produce.  Ten dollars spent on tomato plants has allowed us to eat fresh off the vine fruit every day for the last month and to freeze tomatoes for the winter.

My Swiss chard will keep producing until the first frost and packages of rhubarb are frozen for muffins in the winter.

Start small and keep going.  Growing some of your own food means your grocery bill is cut down and you get organically grown food that is better for your health.  A little effort yields great results and you will be seduced by the fresh taste of your own veggies and fruits.  Give it a try and you won't be sorry.

These little beauties have already been blanched and frozen.  I'll add them to fried rice, tuna casserole and soups and stews during the winter.  Have fun and if you didn't grow anything this year, plan for next summer.


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  1. Looks like you got alot for your $10.00 worth of tomato plants. Great job!



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